With a background in Marketing & Design in the Financial Services sector and the Fashion Industry, I have always design and the creative process.

My inspiration comes from many places and I don’t limit myself in the creative process. My most recent designs use the simple elegance of geometry and the breath-taking beauty of iconic skylines, local landscapes and iconic people and places. But I also create whimsical representations of the natural world and my own interpretation of the traditional Welsh lovespoon.

Daphne the Campervan

When I'm not busy in the workshop, I'm usually knitting, crocheting, singing with my choir and exploring the world in my campervan.

(By the way, I'm neither Daphne nor Molly - that's Daphne (the Campervan) on the left and Molly (the Jug) on the right. I'm just Hawys (that's me up there in Daphne the Campervan)!

Molly the Jug