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50 Shades of Autumn

Raindrops on copper leaves
Copper star triangle earrings
Copper star triangle earrings

Autumn has arrived in all its golden glory, bringing its cornucopia of colours and textures. However, as copper is a natural substance, the dampness that autumn also brings may also affect your jewellery.

Some of our most popular items combine the bright clarity of silver with the wonderful natural look of copper. This combination really does add that uniqueness  to your jewellery.

The variety in colours of copper is myriad, just like the autumn leaves. Whether you prefer it to be bright like rose gold or dark and moody, copper’s patina always brings interest to jewellery.

Earring charms
Earring charms

This patination gives copper its special quality. The dark patination works particularly well with our textured items and really emphasises the shapes and letters of the texture.

At a recent show we attended, it was really interesting hearing all the amazing comments on our jewellery and especially the variety in the copper.

Looking after your copper jewellery

The best way to look after your jewellery is to keep it in an airtight container. Copper reacts with moisture so  make sure it’s nice and dry before storing away.

Reviving your copper jewellery

However, if it does oxydise and you’d like to revive its bright copper colour, try this – and you don’t need any special equipment or products.

  1. Mix equal parts of table salt and lemon juiice.
  2. Dip your copper jewellery in the mixutre and wipe clean.
  3. Polish with a dry cloth and you’re done.
Infinity Love Heart earrings
Infinity Love Heart earrings

If you love salt and vinegar crisps, you can also substitute the lemon with vinegar and mix into a paste with some flour. Very, very effective but rather smelly!

Whether you love your copper bright and shiny or dark and moody, your jewellery from Daphne & Molly will always make a statement.

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