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Driving a Craft Renaissance with Daphne & Molly…

It’s been a busy few weeks at Daphne & Molly designing and creating some new pieces and collections especially for Craft Renaissance Gallery in Usk.

Daphne & Molly display stand
Daphne & Molly at Craft Renaissance Gallery in the beautiful Usk Valley

After a lovely visit and chat about hair colour with Hele, Owner and Director at Craft Renaissance Gallery, Daphne & Molly went headlong into designing and creating their new collection. From lovebirds to starfish, we carried through the theme of simple and elegant sterling silver and copper jewellery at affordable prices.

The first delivery of items arrived at the gallery ten days ago and included geometric necklaces and lovebirds together with some really amazing locally made display stands by Woodbug Dai.

In the first weekend, we sold four items – small steps but great work by Daphne & Molly and Craft Renaissance. Why not make an afternoon and visit the beautiful Usk Valley and pop into the gallery to see our pieces in situ.

Otherwise, you can also check out our new pieces here.


Craft Renaissance Gallery
Craft Renaissance Gallery set in the beautiful Usk Valley

Craft Renaissance Gallery is a lovely art and craft gallery situated on the main Usk to Brecon road in the glorious Usk Valley on the road to Brecon and Abergavenny. They hold a range of beautiful local items from wood turned objects to colourful pottery and a wide range of jewellery. In addition, there are a number of artists-in-residence there and a lovely little coffee shop selling locally ground coffee and homemade produce.

And we even had time to talk hair colour!

Daphne & Molly are very privileged to be amongst these beautiful pieces and look forward to continuing our journey with the gallery.

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