Framed Caerleon Papercut Wall Art


Hand drawn 3d effect papercut image of the Roman town of Caerleon in South Wales backed with a copy of an antique map . Landmarks include the beautifully preserved Roman Amphitheatre, the old Toll House across the River Usk, The Priory, Caerleon Bridge and of course the meandering River Usk.

Can be purchased with or without frame.



The luxury and bloodshed of life in a Roman fortress

Life was hard for a Roman legionary in first-century Wales. When he wasn’t cooped up in his barracks or being barked at by a centurion he was out risking his life in skirmishes with ancient Britons.

But here in Isca, one of just three permanent legionary fortresses in Britain, there were compensations. He could always hang out with his friends at the fortress baths – or take a stroll to the amphitheatre to watch the gladiators.

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